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Just thought I'd share some Arceus paintings. Would you like them?
I was able to paint some pictures of Arceus (mostly to test techniques), and I just wanted to share them and make them my first Journal entry. (One of them was posted on pkmncollectors, so if you saw it there, it's nothing new.) Pardon the sloppy photos - I'm evidently terrible at lining the painting up straight in the shot. :(

The paintings are 11"x15" and are on great quality watercolor paper.

Here's the first one:

It's supposed to be Arceus in the temple of Michina, but I guess it turned out a little different background-wise. Kinda still looks like the temple, though.

This one was drawn the day I saw the Tin Arceus Lv.X's artwork. I was so in love with it, I had to make this painting as a tribute to it. D: Edit: Sold! 

This is a new painting I did recently. I wanted to do one with the Dragon Trio and Arceus, so... Yeah. xP

Oh yeah, would anyone be interested in buying these or trading them for Arceus/Dragon Trio merchandise?

I'd sell them at $12 each, and then I'd have to add in shipping costs.

As for things I'd be willing to trade them for (and please tell me if I'm asking too much for them, since I'm only basing fairness off some rough prices in my head):

1.) Arceus Zukan (non pearly would be great, but either one is fine) = 1 Painting.

2.) Arceus Kid + Dialga Kid + Palkia/Giratina Altered Kid = 1 Painting for three of them, 2 Paintings for all four 

3.) Giratina Altered Forme Zukan + Dialga/Palkia Zukan = 1 Painting for two / 2 Paintings for all three

4.) Dialga Pokedoll, Palkia Pokedoll, or Giratina Altered Forme Pokedoll = 1 Painting each 

5.) Palkia and Dialga Kaiyodo Preorder figures = 1 Painting for both figures 

6.) Medium Arceus Plush, Large Giratina Plush, Large Dialga Plush, or Large Palkia Plush = All three Paintings for one of them

7.) Arceus Lv.X (Set) = 1 Painting

8.) Giant Tomy Arceus Plush = I will paint you 10 Paintings, no lie. ;D (Kidding, but seriously, I would. It's my grail.)

(If I accidentally used your photo and you don't want me using it, let me know.)

Again, if I'm asking for too much, gimme a smack in the back of the head and let me know. I'm terrible with deciding what's fair sometimes. xP I don't really expect to get anything from this, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try, right? xP Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the paintings. I plan on doing more paintings of my favorite Pokémon soon, so look forward to those. :3

Thanks for reading.


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